Our Mission:

To encourage and develop creative leadership of women. We are dedicated to promoting our growth through the accumulation and sharing of knowledge.

Our Members:

We are women in various professions. We are in health care, business coaching, sales of lifestyle products such as wine, essential oils, supplements, makeup and skin care, and many others. We are in real estate, organizing, publishing, financial advisors, banking, insurance, and more!

Our Members:

We meet once a monthly regularly. We also occasionally have socials where we gather in a casual environment and get to know each other better, on a more personal level, and invite guests to join us.

Our 2020 Executive Board

Pat Jaacks, WISB President
Boisset Collection
Amy Killham, WISB Vice President
N2 Publishing
Megan Gibbs, WISB Program Chair
Edward Jones
Joy Damian, WISB Membership Coordinator
EMRIS International
Heather Terry, WISB Secretary
Monat Haircare
Melanie Dawkins, WISB Social Media Coordinator
Red Door Realty
Roxane Hicks, WISB Treasurer
American National Bank
Wendy Tridle
Wendy Trible, WISB Past President
Organize By Design